Between Shadow and Smoke: A Memoir

I’ve lived the life of a drug dealer, pickpocket, mugger, burglar, and a pimp. I’ve kept close company with killers, con artist, and kingpins. I have been an adulterer, sex addict, a failed father, and most of all a fraud. Follow my arduous journey from the violent streets of Harlem to the racist prep schools of Vermont. Follow my transformation from a gang-member and drug addict to an award-winning writer and teacher. Read how I traded a prison of SHADOW AND SMOKE for a life of public service and inner peace.  -A Powerful Story of Redemption


Secret of the Nile Valley


The murder by mob of a black boy set the wheels of Armageddon in motion. Twenty years later, Thomas "Stony" Jackson finds himself at the center of an apocalyptic whirlwind. He is all that stands between survival of the planet and total annihilation.

 To reset the doomsday clock, Thomas must uncover the secret of a strange and ancient text that finds its way into his possession. Assembling a motley team and hunted by forces from beyond the grave, he embarks on a perilous journey across time and space.

 In a race across the African continent to the Sudan, Thomas undergoes a supernatural transformation that fulfills an ancient prophecy and earns him a huge following.

 Finally reaching the Nile Valley, Thomas must survive an ancient initiation given by an esoteric order. The forces of both good and evil gather for a final confrontation. The preservation of all he holds dear hinges on the outcome.


Money and Power: Thoughts and Notes
All conspiracy theory isn't just theory. Americans are beginning to awaken to that frightening truth as millions lose their jobs, homes and saving. There is a dark force at work behind our present reality making monetary slaves of men and nation alike. MONEY and POWER unveils the Freemasons, the Illuminati, and the corporate elite and their nefarious plan for a one world government. It, further, chronicles the government facilitated rise of gang activity, prisons, and drug wars and documents the decline of education in urban America.- We can either have a democracy, or a nation where wealth in concentrated in the hands of a few. BUT WE CAN'T HAVE BOTH-

American Messiah


America is all but destroyed by the world’s oldest cult, the Illuminati. In future America, warlords carve up the nation into separate spheres of influence. Millions are exterminated, millions are enslaved and millions more take refuge in the mountains and wastelands.
The torchlight of liberty is reduced to a flicker. In America’s darkest hour, a divine black child is born. As his legend grows, so does his devout following until he is a force to be reckoned with. In an apocalyptic clash, one that has both imminent and eternal implications, Jason takes the fight to the forces of evil. At stake, the destiny of America and perhaps the world.


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Ausarian Prophesy   
Khalil Anderson grew up poor. However, it wasn't long before he discovered that he had a mysterious gift.  After law school, he used his gift to launder money for the 1%. Suddenly his lavish world is turned upside down when he is blamed for the brutal stabbing of his girlfriend.
While on the run, he soon encounters a dark and diabolical evil that covets his special power.  A beautiful Latino FBI agent is sent to investigate him.  Their lives soon become inextricably intertwined as they negotiate an underworld of street gangs, death squads, and dark priest. In his search for vindication, he embarks on a journey that stretches across time to the heart of ancient Nubia. There, he discovers that he is the focus of a mystic prophesy that will alter the ancient world and shape the worlds to come.

Sunday Best


Sunday Best is a gripping tale of the enduring friendship of five poor Harlem teens as they go from boys to men.

They have dreams of becoming a bestselling author, a real estate mogul, a band leader, a champion boxer, and a mob boss. Follow their grueling journey as they climb to the top of their respective worlds.

Their friendship, that stretches over fifty years,  is truly tested as they confront a world filled with violence, crime, and racism. They learn the hard way that success doesn’t come without a price, one that may require fraud, blackmail, and murder.
Their indestructible bond is further put to the test as they are forced to confront the three-headed hydra of jealousy, greed, and competition for the heart of their dazzlingly beautiful love interest.


                                                                   -A cautionary tale for the ages-

Coming of the Messiah


Prequel to the post-apocalyptic action-thriller, American Messiah. In Coming of the Messiah America is caught in a demonic whirlwind and swept from its course of Liberty and Justice for All by sinister plot that is aimed at the heart of America’s financial sector. A stock market analyst with one of Wall Street’s most prominent brokerage houses unearths his firm’s complicity. He is soon found murdered in Eastern Securities’ sub-level parking complex.  Two New York City detectives follow a blood trail that leads them to a nefarious network of eco-terrorist cells financed by the Illuminati, an ages-old society bent on establishing Satan’s kingdom upon the earth.

Children of the Mess photo.jpg
Zombies in the Hood

In the not too distant future, the black folks of Harlem are the victims of a sinister conspiracy. A deadly virus is deliberately spread, transforming Harlem residents into hideous creatures hungry for human flesh. The black community is quickly walled off from the rest of the New York City. All hell breaks loose.

Sent by the CDC to investigate a mysterious contagion, Dr. Jordan Dash becomes trapped within the hot zone. To come up with a cure, he joins forces with an elite fighting unit lead by Ghost, a former Special Forces commander.

The nightmare scenario intensifies when the army of walking dead breaches their containment and threatens the world with a zombie apocalypse.


Children of the Messiah 
In the third installment of the American Messiah Trilogy, the Messiah is assassinated. He leaves behind fraternal twins. They both inherits remarkable gifts. Monrovia follows in her father’s footsteps by becoming an initiate in the School of Mysteries. Micah, her brother, seeks refuge in the mountains. As Monrovia works to master the mystic sciences, she is lured to the dark side by a festering evil. Sowing the seeds of division, she is soon pulling the strings. The nation is reduced to a land of prison-like settlements and death camps. The resistance begins to fight back, but to little avail. Isabella, smart and beautiful squad leader, sees Micah as the nation’s only hope. Crossing the badlands, filled with unspeakable horrors, the squad races to find Micah ahead of Monrovia’s kill teams. After locating an unwilling Micah, they are descended upon by a powerful and sadistic priesthood, zombie-like creatures, and Monrovia’s dogs of war. When all seems lost, Micah is helped by a powerful mystic. Spiritually transformed, the son of the messiah builds an outlaw army and take the fight to his evil twin. An epic battle, human and otherworldly, will determine the fate of America and the world. Black Messiah is a marathon of heart stopping action, steamy romance and bitter betrayal.

Black Money, Black Power      

     A product of the slums, Aston Paige realized his vision of the American Dream, a life filled with money, sex, and drugs. Aston is young, black, and good-looking. While relatively small, his lobbying firm is one of the most sought-after on capitol hill.

     Barely in his thirties, he has already mastered the game of politics, and his slew of extravagant toys is proof. His jet set lifestyle has rendered him deaf to those who would label him a sellout or an Uncle Tom.

    After receiving a phone call in the middle of the night, Aston takes on a new client. But nothing is what it seems and soon his perfect world comes crashing down. He finds himself framed for murder and the patsy in the ultimate power play.

      Now the focus of a manhunt, Aston is forced to take a beautiful hostage, Florence Wilks. Florence is a neighborhood crusader and different from Aston in almost every respect. Despite their differences, the two soon fall in love.

    While fighting to clear his name, Aston stumbles upon a hundred-year-old secret hidden in the Department of the Treasury. That information has already claimed the life of one man, and Aston is doing all he can to avoid being the next.

     Once a self-absorbed and money-driven hustler, he is slowly transformed. Determined to take on the power elite, Aston devises a brilliant but dangerous plan that could change the fate of black America. But, to make it work, he partners with Shaka, an ex-felon turned black militant.

     Using his knowledge of capitol hill and cashing in on every favor owed him, he is able to get congress to grant him a federal bank charter. To keep the bank from going under, he descends into a dangerous criminal underworld. Joining forces with drug traffickers, he taps into billions in dirty dollars.

      The brokering skills he developed on capitol hill he now applies to the streets. It isn’t long before he’s overseeing a vast criminal empire, while at the same time presiding over the nation’s fifth largest bank. But, with great power comes powerful enemies.